Friday, September 18, 2009

How to resolve low volume of IDT sound card in Dell Studio

Recently I purchased a new Dell Studio 1537 Laptop. The laptop otherwise was very impressive but for its low sound volume. The sound volume was so low that I could not hear even the welcome and logoff volume when Windows start and Windows Log off. After lots of googling and reading stuff from elsewhere, I resolved the problem.
The problem was with the incompatibility of Windows Vista High Definition Audio driver and Dell's IDT driver which was not allowing the IDT driver to use the laptops speaker to its full capacity. What I did, was .. first I uninstalled both IDT and High Definition Audio driver. Make sure you are also deleting the IDT files as well. The I rebooted my system. Windows then searched for the Audio driver itself and reinstalled High Definition Audio Driver automatically. With the inbuilt HD driver, the sound volume came back to its fullest.
Though I have resolved this problem, yet the quality of the sound is not very good. At high volume, the sound quality is clicky !!! any one found the resolution of this???


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raj said...

I had the same problem!. Its veru simpe to fix. Just the uninstall the IDT driver and make sure you delete the driver files. It will ask you to restart. When it come back. YOU will have a louder speaker. Vista or Win 7 picks up the generic HD sound drivers. Have FUN!