Monday, April 26, 2010

Music Review - Raavan

Raavan - A Contempory figure in Ramayana, the title of the album itself brings about the sense of anxiety of what the trio of Mani Ratnam, Gulzar and A.R. Rehman has to offer in this album.... Who can forget Dil se, Guru.. and the magic which Rehman created in Roja, Bombay ... so Raavan once again had a huge expectations on its back, well before its release.. and one can say that Rehman has once again re-created his magic and just sets another bench mark for himself.
The album starts with the well orchestrated "Beera Beera" which looks like the introduction of the lead actor in the movie... Vijay Prakash after his magical appearence in Fiqrana (Blue) .. is straight at the helm of affairs from the word Go... well supported by Mustafa Kittone and Keerthi, the song is melodious and has trademark rehman all over... the only miss in this song is the usual humming of Rehman in the background which has made lots of his songs almost unforgettable ..the track sets the mood straightaway.
Just when the mood sets in with what is next in the offering, comes another magically woven song "behne de". Song is dark and is heavy in its lyrics wirtten by Veteran Gulzar saab. Such is the magic of the song that one would just sit quiet for a while going into deep thoughts. The crest and trough of the music brings the true emotions which the song want to convey..well sung by Karthik.. the song just sets in the mood little further.
Now Rehman's album without Sukhwinder Singh is something which can't be possible. Yes !!! "Thok di Killi" brings Sukhwinder into action... and this talented singer does not disappoints. Again the song is heavy in lyrics -- just listen to the words this songs uses... an excellent rendition of a rebellion from inside.
Remember "Genda Phool" of Delhi 6?? Yes Rehman brings Rekha Bhardwaj back and "Ranjha Ranjha" --something which is par excellence is created. The song which has a folk touch is a gem of music. This is sure-shot going to hit the chartbusters in the time to come. The song is reminnance of "Banjar Hai sab banjar Hai" of Sathiya.
"Khilli Re" is another beautifull poetic song well written by Gulzar saab and well sung by Reene Bhardwaj. The song has a classical touch and tabla in the background gives a mystic touch to it.
The Album departs with its final offering "Kata Kata". A type of song which has always been associated in all the Mani Ratnam's creation... Rukmani - Rukmani of Roja and Kuchi Kuchi Rakma of Bombay... the song mostly is based on South Indian music but then Rehman beautifully uses Ila Arun to give a Rajasthani "Thaap" to it. Another fun-filled track.
Overall Rehman has far exceeded the expectations ... But as I said earlier also.. a Song or two by Rehman himself and his appearence with his usual humming could have made the whole affair more melodious to the otherwise flawless musical.
Rating 4/5.
My Pics : "Ranjha Ranjha", "Behne Do"
~ Vikalp

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